Ruby on Rails on Ruby: Project Mode

I’d like to mention first that I am so relieved and proud to be able to say that this project is finally finished. This project took the longest from start to completion thus far. With that being said, I have learned the most from working on this app since it took up so many hours of scratching my head and chugging all types of caffeine even into the wee hours of the morning.

To be honest, I’m not very satisfied with the concept of the app itself. Especially since I thought of another better idea mid-project that could actually be utilized in the real world of the Internet. Guess I’ll keep that one on the backburner. Anyway, the idea is simple and also a little out-of-date: I created an app that allows users to create costume parties for Halloween (told you it was outdated) and costumes for a specific party. For each party, there is a “contest” for best costume, which is based on the quality (cost) of each costume.

Going in, setting up the project and file structure felt pretty standard at this point since all the labs and lessons kind of drilled it into me so that part wasn’t too bad. As I pressed on though, I realized that this project wasn’t going to be anywhere near the same level as completing a test-driven lab, mostly because it would be based on my own ability to incorporate and execute all of the requirements.

The more code I added, the more errors I encountered that I couldn’t make sense of. Until I found the right Stack Overflow article, or learned something for the second time that I didn’t completely grasp the first, or going back to Avi’s video reviews, or getting some help on Slack. What this project really taught me, besides Ruby on Rails of course, was that persistence is key to driving forward. A good night’s sleep helps too. That is how I was able to push through and get it done.

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